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This is a unique web site containing value added user-friendly data and analysis about the Indian economy developed for the benefit of users of the Statistical Outline of India (SOI).

The site has been developed to fulfill the need for regular updation of economic data and information. The site is designed to meet the broad requirements of corporate executives, investors, researchers etc.

Access to the items under product categories is provided through a username and a password. To avail of the username and password one has to subscribe to the Statistical Outline of India (either printed or CD version). Items under miscellaneous category can be accessed directly.


The site provides the following:

  • Latest data about different sectors of the Indian economy in a user-friendly format under India Update.
  • Quick reaction and brief analysis of the major economic events such as the Union Budget, RBI Credit Policies and any others under Event Based Notes.
  • An archival of economic policies of the Government under  Economic Policy Update.
  • Industry Overviews provides broad overview of the emerging industries in India having great investment potential.
  • City Profile deals with the broad socio-economic profiles of major cities and offers inter-city comparisons.
  • WTO introduces the new global trade regime under the framework of World Trade Organization and its implications for Indian industry.
News Headlines
Economic Policy Updates
Norms for green bonds, electronic debt offerings announced
Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

 Sebi has approved a proposal to electronically offer debt securities under the private placement route. This has been

Sebi introduces tighter norms for Mutual Fund investment in corporate debt
Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

 Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has tightened the norms for investment by debt oriented mutual fund plans


Economic Indicators Value
Stock Market  
Dow Jones

Monetary Latest
WPI (April 2016) 177
Repo-Rate 6.5
Rev.Repo 6
CRR % 4

Forex Latest
Exchange Rate  
Rs./U$ (17.05.16) 66.88
Foreign Exchange Reserves (as on 06.05.2016 US $317.04 Bn.) 361.99
Brent (U$/bbl.) (17.05.16) 48.78
* Figures in bracket indicates change over previous value. In case of WPI it is y-o-y change.
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