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Socio-Economic Indicators

Locational, socio and economic data of major cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune are provided in user-friendly power point slides.

Besides, a brief write-up on each of these cities throws light on the typical nuances, competitiveness and the moving spirit behind each of them as ‘emerging centers of growth’.

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Ahmedabad Updated ()
Ahmedabad is a fast growing city in the state of Gujarat. The erstwhile textile hub has become center of attraction of investors both-domestic as well as international.

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Kolkata Updated ()
Capital city of West Bengal.

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Chandigarh Updated ()
India's first planned city.

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Mysore Updated ()
An upcoming city in Karnataka.

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Vishakhapatnam Updated ()
Also known as Vizag is a port city in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Chennai Updated ()
Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

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Bengaluru Updated ()
Bangalore (Bengaluru) Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore today is one of Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city

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Delhi Updated ()
Delhi is the capital city of India

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Mumbai Updated ()
Mumbai is the financial capital of India.

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Pune Updated ()
While retaining its old aura charm Pune has now emerged as a major IT destination. This has lead to a real estate boom in the city. The overall development of this Maratha 'center of learning' has been manifold. Having a large industrial base the city is now among the others in its race as an investment destination

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Economic Indicators Value
Stock Market  
Dow Jones

Monetary Latest
WPI (April 2016) 177
Repo-Rate 6.5
Rev.Repo 6
CRR % 4

Forex Latest
Exchange Rate  
Rs./U$ (17.05.16) 66.88
Foreign Exchange Reserves (as on 06.05.2016 US $317.04 Bn.) 361.99
Brent (U$/bbl.) (17.05.16) 48.78
* Figures in bracket indicates change over previous value. In case of WPI it is y-o-y change.
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